Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blood vs Water

Growing up there was a saying my dad
drove into my brain, "Blood is thicker than water. Family is blood, and Everyone else is water." This lesson was one I had to learn early if I was to be the leader of my 'Band of Brothers'.

There were many times when I fought with my brothers, but there were just as many times when I fought for them against outside threats (whether they knew about it or not). I'm sure you can sympathize with the saying, "Nobody can pick on my brothers except ME!". It was my birthright!

We all have a family. If you're in a situation where you don't know if you have a family, this will help: "Family bleeds together". Your family isn't perfect, and won't succeed in life unscathed; But it will be there to support you every step of the way.

We all need our family, whether we want to admit it or not. Some of us deny that we need them, only to learn later that life is better with your family in it.

I am so thankful for my cousins (see picture, heather I love you too). They are champions of their own lives. Each one going through something most would categorize as traumatic, only to stand at the top of the mountain they each climbed. None of them have come this far in life unscathed, but each one with an awesome story to tell.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Heart of Life

In all my life the thought of planting a seed and growing vegetables/fruit had not been introduced to me. With a dad who could get as much fruit & vegetables as we wanted, there was no point. In 2010, for whatever reason, I decided to plant a garden. I started with the intention of being healthier, and ended up learning some valuable lessons.

What is the meaning of Life? At the heart of every human being, regardless the race, creed, or religion, this question is the only one that matters to us. We war against one another to answer this question armed with our best guesses, only to fall short. I would embarrass myself if I said I found the answer while gardening, but I did find some understanding of the processes we go through in LIFE. Birth, Growth, Death - all experienced in one short season, and all both physically and metaphorically pertinent to 6,000,000,000 lives on planet Earth.

Some will write it off as 'just gardening', but if you can understand that in all things there is a lesson, gardening will become an enlightening experience hopefully leading to your own personal paradigm shift.

If I may suggest to study the gardening related parables in the Bible, and put them into action both in your life and your garden. You'll never know the things you'll learn about yourself.

Here is a song called The Heart of Life by John Mayer. I think the words are amazing. When you simplify the meaning the depth of the song comes out. "The Heart of Life is Good".

The Wes

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Wes: Unplugged Intro

OK!!! FINE!!! I'll jump on the blogwagon. Today I start my blog. I did not decide to start a blog out of boredom, but out of my wife's (Melissa) amazing honesty and courage today. She blogged about the most intimate challenge we have ever faced, and received so much encouragement in return. I Love You!

This picture was taken in the deep mountains of Mexico, where I proposed to my awesome wife. We were so far out that the people stopped speaking Spanish, and started to speak Indian (Mayan?). I had been carrying the ring for 2 weeks in my backpack, waiting for the right moment. The moment had come the day after we held dental cleanings for the locals, and we're preparing to hike down the mountain (the night before the road had washed out). We were all in a circle, and I was about to pray for everyone when I walked over to my best friend, knelt down and asked "WILL YOU MARRY ME?".

We have been married for 7 short years, and I can't believe the adventures we have been on. She is my Sherpa to Success, and I would be lost without her.

The Wes