Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Purpose Driven Garden

"Flowers or Vegetables, THAT is the question!" Over the past couple of years, the debate of what creates a Purpose Driven Garden has been addressed @ Enault Estates. I hold the opinion that without both, your garden will not succeed. Without the attractive flower, although not producing something eatable, the workers (the bee) will not come. When the bee comes to work, he will pollinate all of your Fruits & Vegatables. This is a great metaphor found in gardening: unless I live a positive (attractive) life, good people (bees) will not be lured to you; more importantly if I live a negative life, negative people (flies) will surround me.

Although there are many things you can do in a garden to help the growth, but the basics are very simple: 1 seed, thats all it takes. When I first started gardening, I didn't know anything about it. How do I plant a seed? How does the seed grow? How do I get vegetables that I can eat? Sowing a seed is so simple, but so important. When a seed is planted, it blossoms into a beautiful plant of flower. If I plant a seed of love, what does it grow into? LOVE. But on the opposite end, what will grow from hate, anger, or negativity? Only more of those things. I have to choose to plant seeds of love, hope, peace, joy, and things of a positive nature. If I can consistently do this, my life may be filled with these good things.

In nature, I am a perfectionist - which makes me very negative about my short comings and the short comings of others. I consider gardening as my therapy. Gardening, even if it is 1 small plant,

The Wes

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