Friday, February 17, 2012

The Heart of Life

In all my life the thought of planting a seed and growing vegetables/fruit had not been introduced to me. With a dad who could get as much fruit & vegetables as we wanted, there was no point. In 2010, for whatever reason, I decided to plant a garden. I started with the intention of being healthier, and ended up learning some valuable lessons.

What is the meaning of Life? At the heart of every human being, regardless the race, creed, or religion, this question is the only one that matters to us. We war against one another to answer this question armed with our best guesses, only to fall short. I would embarrass myself if I said I found the answer while gardening, but I did find some understanding of the processes we go through in LIFE. Birth, Growth, Death - all experienced in one short season, and all both physically and metaphorically pertinent to 6,000,000,000 lives on planet Earth.

Some will write it off as 'just gardening', but if you can understand that in all things there is a lesson, gardening will become an enlightening experience hopefully leading to your own personal paradigm shift.

If I may suggest to study the gardening related parables in the Bible, and put them into action both in your life and your garden. You'll never know the things you'll learn about yourself.

Here is a song called The Heart of Life by John Mayer. I think the words are amazing. When you simplify the meaning the depth of the song comes out. "The Heart of Life is Good".

The Wes

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