Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Complaints

We all know how Mondays seem to go. Instead of enjoying the weekend, it seems that everyone involved in your life (work, home, family, friends, etc) spent the whole weekend thinking about extra projects, issues, and drama they can throw at you today. For me, there is always that spark of excitment/anxiety associated with the 15 minute drive to work.
I walk in the front door, turn off the alarm, start the oh so blessed coffee (The best part of waking up is Folgers in MY cup!), and strap into the coveted captain's chair. Just like that, I take the lead and turn PROBLEMS into "Opportunities for Improvement" - and make it look easy.
While I start my day, I know that so many of you start your's with a similar routine. No matter how good we are, we need that little venting session to clear our minds. So in response to my wife's amazing "Friday Letters", I am starting "Monday Compaints". Every Monday, I will post "Monday Complaints", and you can chime in and share your complaints in the comments section. To start this off, I will be giving away a one of a kind.... wait for it.... wait for it..... PAT ON THE BACK!!!! (LOL), because that's the only thing we ever get. Here we go!

Monday Complaints:

Dear IT, while you provide a huge service, your timing always stinks! (except for Tom).
Dear Weight Watchers, we have been friends for about 2 weeks, and your helping me get over my addiction to food, but why do you have to be so difficult! Calories - Proteins - Carbs - Sugars - I just want to be skinny!!!!!!!!
Dear COD Zombies, I am also addicted to you, but when a 12 year old starts cussing me out online, you've got another thing comin! 
Dear Wife, not that I watch it, BBBUUUUTTTT - last night Kourtney had a point... sometimes you need to show me that you love me by going camping with me. It's just overnight.

Well that's it for this Monday, if I keep going I'll blow up! (lol) Let me know what your complaints are!


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  1. Dear Wes...the expression (often misstated) is, you have another think coming! Just sayin', love Auntie;)