Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Racetrack, Death Valley, Ca

During my roadtrip through Death Valley, one of the places I had never heard of was The Racetrack or  Racetrack Playa, nor had I heard of the Sailing Rocks. As mentioned in a previous post, these rocks sail along the ground. When the ground gets wet, the water freezes, then the wind pushes the rocks along the ground. Set inside some awesome mountains this ended up being a great place to take pictures. I captured the first couple of pictures during the day, but I must confess I had more fun at night. 

At night we could see all of the awesome stars. Not a cloud in the sky. One weird thing about this place, when the moon is just right, and your facing away from the sun, it looks like there is fog in the valley - weird - but there wasn't a cloud/fog at all. 

Here I caught a shooting star in the photo! I was pretty excited about that! :)

And one of my favorites from the whole trip - The Moon! 

All in all this was an awesome place to stay. If you pass The Racetrack, and continue own the road, there are some great campgrounds to stay at. Just beware, we had some coyotes take off with a spatula and empty can. WE WANT THAT BACK!!!! (lol)


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  1. Wow, cool trip! I must admit I am a little jelly. Well not of the cold, of the beauty...