Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Abandoned Towns - Death Valley, Ca

One thing I noticed on our trip to Death Valley, Ca was the amount of abandonment. They don't call it Death Valley for nothin. I will walk you through a couple of places we saw - some planned, some not. The first pictures show the town of Rhyolite.  Rhyolite is 35 miles from the Furnace Creek Visitor Center on a paved road heading north (left) from Hwy. 374. It was definitely interesting to see, including the shacks in the background, rattlesnake signs, and the abandoned mine on the hillside that I desperately tried to talk my friends into stopping for.

Rhyolite - Death Valley, Ca

Rhyolite - Death Valley, Ca
Rhyolite - Death Valley, Ca

Leadfield was also another interesting town. It is located in Titus Canyon, with an abandoned mine. It is little bit off of a hike off of the road, but worth it. 

Leadfield, Death Valley, Ca

Abandoned Quarry, Death Valley, Ca
Last, we found this random abandoned quarry. We don't know what it is called, but it was pretty cool. A ton of equipment was left here, along with a huge hole in the ground. It's always interesting to see these things. It's also great for pictures & photo shoots. 

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