Saturday, January 26, 2013

Death Valley Road Trip

I just came home from an awesome road trip through Death Valley, and want to share some pictures I took along the way. There are definitely too many stories to share all in one post, so I'll share some now and some later. I've added a mini map of Death Valley sites (thx google), so you can keep up. :)

Our first stop was at the Eureka Sand Dunes. I believe that these are the highest sand dunes in North America, standing at 700ft. That first night started out fun as we played with two foxes, curious about us, then turned to an ugliness only described as "14 degrees"! I'm sure my lack of being prepared for the cold didn't help. :) 

We then went to see Ubehebe Crater, which was formed by a volcanic eruption. 

We then moved onto The Racetrack, which is best known for the Moving Rocks. As I understand it, when the ground gets wet, it freezes, and the wind pushes the rocks along the ground. Again it was 14 degrees. In the middle of the night my friend Clay & I came here and took some awesome night pictures (I'll share these on another post). While we were asleep, some bandit coyotes stole our spatula - WE WANT THAT BACK!!! (LOL)

We then went to Scotty's Castle. This was a great spot to stop for lunch. They also have some awesome tours that we didn't have time for. Also, my friend Brian & I are set on setting up a huge air soft battle here. We also think they should make this a COD map.

We then went through Titus Canyon - WOW! Now I realize this is not on the map above, but this is a must see canyon trail. It's a little bit of an 4x4 road, but is absolutely awesome! I'll share more pictures on my blog, but trust me - Titus Canyon is legit! 

The next day I went on one of the coolest, exhausting, scenic, awesome hikes I've been on. Zabriskie Point. This was an old Borax mining area, and has many interpretive trails. Our trail started on the right, went all the way around the mountain in the picture, and came up within feet of the parking lot. Definitely a hiking trail I recommend.

On our way home we stopped at the snowed over Mono Lake. Great place to stop and stretch your legs. Overall this was a spectacular trip, and I wish I could share all of my stories and pictures with you in this one post. I promise I will post specific posts about this trip at my blog. I want to thank Clay Carey for teaching me more about photography on this trip. Please go visit his photography site here. I am simply an amateur compared to him. 

If I had to leave you with one message, it is this: GET OUT! See your part of the world. Support State/National Parks. We are missing the awesome beauty around us. It's a shame to let it go to waste.

- The Wes
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